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Indian Springs Ranch - Woodward County, Oklahoma

Simply put, this property is one you've got to see to believe!  Indian Springs Ranch spans 4,002.9255 acres in Woodward County, Oklahoma along the North Canadian River in northwestern Oklahoma.  From its beautiful headquarter lodge to the impeccably managed rangeland and wildlife ecosystems studded with live water throughout the ranch, this is no run-of-the-mill property.  On this pristine showplace, a rancher’s paradise meets a sportsman’s dream as the cow-calf operation has been utilized strategically to enhance the productivity of the land and encourage flourishing deer and quail populations.

Outfitted with a number of well-maintained food plots and blinds designed to cultivate limitless hunting opportunities, all tracts on this unique property are the perfect place to find trophy white-tailed deer, abundant quail populations, wild turkeys, and more.  With more than six miles of river frontage along the North Canadian River and a number of well-stocked ponds and lakes, Indian Springs Ranch is the perfect destination for avid hunters and fisherman, alike.

Situated roughly 120 miles from Oklahoma City and approximately 190 miles from Amarillo, Texas, Indian Springs Ranch is ideally located to be the ultimate weekend getaway or corporate retreat.  And with its 3,700-foot landing strip, this piece of country paradise is easily accessible for a variety of private aircraft.

In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this showplace will be offered for sale in a multi-parcel public auction on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 in 6 tracts.  Come bid on any individual tract or bid on one or more of the three tract combination packages explained below.  The auction will be held at 2:00 p.m. on the ranch, roughly 30 minutes from Woodward, Oklahoma. Do not let this incredible opportunity pass you by, as properties like this one don't come along every day.

Acreages below have been updated as of 10/4/2017 based on current surveying. 

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10% Buyer's Premium  • Some Tracts Sell Without Reserve   

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AUCTION DATE:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Indian Springs Ranch 

51613 South County Road 2220, Mutual, OK 




On-Site Informational Meetings

We will be hosting a two "Open House" events at Indian Springs Ranch to allow you to tour the property and learn more about the auction process on the following dates:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Thursday, September 21, 2017

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Legacy team will be on hand with detailed property information, an auction overview, and bidder registration forms as well as to to answer any questions you may have.  

DIRECTIONS: We will begin at the headquarters lodge on Tract 2A.  51613 South County Road 220 in Mutual, Oklahoma.

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Wondering how a Multi-Parcel Auction works?  

Watch this quick video because an informed bidder is a successful bidder!

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In this multi-parcel auction, there are 3 lots – 1, 2, and 3.  Within these lots, there are 6 tracts – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, and 3.  Tracts 1A, 1B, 2B, 2C, and 3 are selling without reserve – meaning at the end of the auction, these parcels will go under contract to new owners.

You may bid on any individual tract, or you may put together one of the combinations detailed below.  Tracts within a single lot may be combined, but tracts from multiple lots may not be combined.

(Ex. You can bid on Tract 1A or 1B, or you can put together a combination of Tracts 1A and 1B.  Or you can bid individually on Tracts 2A, 2B, or 2C, or you can put together a combination of 2B and 2C.

Below is a complete list of bidding possibilities for this auction:

  Individual Bidding


  Any ONE of Tracts 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, or 3

  Combination Bidding Possibilities


  1A and 1B

    2B and 2C



While you are free to purchase all 6 tracts or more than one lot, you cannot combine multiple lots into a single bid.

(Ex. You cannot submit a single bid on Tracts 1A, 1B, and 2C and would instead have to bid on Tracts 1A and 1B separately from 2C.) 


Lot 1 (Tracts 1A and 1B)


Tract 1A:  ±610.759 Acres Prime Hunting or Ranch Land

Situated on the northwestern corner of Indian Springs Ranch, Tract 1A boasts just over two miles of North Canadian River Frontage along its western and southern boundaries.  Featuring two of the ranch's most breathtaking, spring-fed ponds, this tract is the perfect place for hunting or fishing at its finest.  The native turf has been carefully managed and meticulously grazed, resulting in some of the most diverse and flourishing rangeland you’ll find in all of Oklahoma making this tract the perfect place to find trophy white-tailed deer, quail, or wild turkeys.

This parcel is fenced around its entire perimeter with very well-maintained, five-strand barbed wire fence, and is cross fenced into two pastures.  Tract 1A includes five 350-pound quail feeders, three 350-pound deer feeders, and one 2000-pound protein feeder, as well as a windmill-fed stock tank.

Don’t let this property slip through your fingers!  The cedar has been cleared, the grassland is out of this world, the ponds and river frontage on Tract 1A are unparalleled. 

Accessible from the north off of East County Road 480. 

Lot 2 (Tracts 2A, 2B, and 2C)

Tract 1B:  ±348.123 Acres Prime Hunting or Ranch Land

Part of the original homestead of Indian Springs Ranch, the owners contend this tract is one of the most beautiful parts of the property.  Tract 1B sits on the northeastern corner of the ranch and features both cultivated land and native grassland with natural springs that draw in the area's finest wildlife. 

Home to a set of pipe working pens, an old hunters' cabin, and brick barn, this tract is a perfect choice for hunting and ranching.

The five-strand barbed wire fence surrounding this property is in great condition, and cross fencing divides this property into ten pastures and fields. Tract 1B has five areas that have historically been planted in wheat as well as native grassland.  Three natural springs feed stock tanks on Tract 1B.  This parcel includes one fiberglass deer stand, two elevated pipe hunting blinds, three 350-pound quail feeders, two 200-pound quail feeders, and one 350-pound deer feeder.

Accessible from the north off of East County Road 480 and from North County Road 2185.

TRACT 2A: ±1,230.2995 Acres Prime Hunting and Ranch Land with Luxury Lodge 

Each of the 6 tracts of Indian Springs Ranch offers its own spectacular attributes, but Tract 2A can be considered the crown jewel of this incredible property.  Combining 1,230.2995 acres of grassland meadows, rolling sandhills, verdant cultivated acreage with a stunning 5 bedroom/5 bath main lodge and 3-acre stocked lake, this tract will pull you in from the moment you lay eyes on it.

As you wind your way along the main road leading into Tract 2, the lush sandhills teeming with deer and quail soon give way to an idyllic scene as the terrain opens up and drops into the heart of Indian Springs Ranch.  But if you like to travel at a faster pace, take advantage of the 3,700’ x 50’ grass landing strip surrounded by high fence that runs right up to the lodge.

Originally a small log cabin, the lodge was completely remodeled and expanded in 2008.  A perfect location for a large family to gather or a stunning retreat for a team of company executives, the lodge features  a completely updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances that opens up into a spacious dining area and living room with windows showcasing the lake-side view.  Each of the home’s five bedrooms includes its own en suite bathroom.  

No detail was overlooked as this cabin was renovated. The lodge boasts one of the most efficient approaches to home climate control on the market, with not one but two separate geothermal heating and cooling systems keeping the lodge comfortable year-round.  And the water supplying the house goes through five different filtration and mineralization processes, including iron and hydrogen filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis filtration and re-mineralization with a Spring Fresh cartridge ensuring high quality drinking water appliances and fixtures that perform at their very best.

Enjoy your coffee on a large, screened-in porch overlooking the expansive lake stocked with bass, channel catfish, perch, blue gill, and red-ear sunfish.  And you can take in the spectacular views from every angle on either of the covered porches running the length of the home on both the north and south.  The lawn area is kept in pristine condition year-round with an underground sprinkler system.

Just north of the lodge sits a roughly 3,600 square-foot barn with an office and restroom.  And to accommodate the family pets or a team of bird dogs, there is a shaded, chain-link, 4-compartment dog kennel that sits atop a washable concrete slab.  And for the master gardener, Tract 2A includes an irrigated garden plot measuring roughly 125’ x 60’ and surrounded by high fence to keep the wildlife away.

The live water on Tract 2A doesn’t stop at the main lake.  Two other stocked ponds ranging from a quarter to half-acre each provide abundant fishing opportunities, and this unique tract includes more than 2 and one third miles of North Canadian River frontage with access from both sides of the river.

Five-strand barbed wire fence surrounds the perimeter of Tract 2A and divides the tract into 3 pastures including roughly 60 acres that have been planted in wheat in the past, in addition to the fully fenced homesite and runway area. 

The hunting opportunities on Tract 2A can’t be beat.  Throughout the sandhills and meadows 15 350-pound quail feeders, one 150-pound feeder, six 350-pound deer feeders and two one-ton protein feeders keep the animals coming.  The tract is also home to two insulated hunting blinds, one fiberglass deer stand, and one elevated pipe hunting blind.  

Tract 2A also includes one windmill and stock tank.  This parcel is home to the properties only existing oil and gas drilling site which has been capped and is currently undergoing a full site restoration by the oil and gas company which will restore the land to it’s original state.

While a lot can be said about this incredible tract, no words can paint the picture that one visit to this property can.  Furnishings and personal belongings in the home including linens and kitchenware will convey. All framed artwork and photographs are excluded from the sale and will be removed prior to closing.  Shop contents and equipment including tractors, lawnmowers, etc. are negotiable.

Accessible from the east off of North County Road 2220.

TRACT 2B: ±857.3743 Acres Prime Hunting or Ranch Land 

If you’re looking for premier hunting or a perfect place to build the ranch of your dreams, look no further than Tract 2B. This parcel spans approximately 857 acres, and features rolling grassland and roughly 43 acres of cultivated land that has been an alfalfa stand for the last several years. 

The tract is fully fenced around the perimeter with like-new five-strand barbed wire fence.  Cross fencing on this parcel creates five fully fenced pastures that include one fenced sorting trap.  There are two windmills with stock tanks and a well with a submersible pump that feeds one fence line stock tank shared with Tract 2A.

Six 350-pound quail feeders, one 200-pound quail feeder, and two 350-pound deer feeders will keep you on your toes as you sit out hunting season in the insulated hunting blind on Tract 2B.  Tract 2B is bordered on the west by roughly one mile of North Canadian River frontage.  This tract also includes electricity and a domestic well at one location that was formerly used as a homesite.

Accessible from the east off of North County Road 2220.

Tract 2C: ±775.0608 Acres of Prime Hunting or Ranch Land

Just when you think the hunting and fishing opportunities can’t get any better, you travel north through the southern ranch to Tract 2C.  With more than 4,400 feet of North Canadian River frontage along the western boundary and a one-acre stocked fishing pond, Tract 2C is the perfect place to wet a line. 

For the rancher, Tract 2C is fenced around its entire perimeter with well-maintained five-strand barbed wire fence and cross-fenced into two pastures.  Two windmills supply stock tanks on this parcel.

This beautiful tract has rolling terrain and hardwood trees native to the area, and like the rest of Indian Springs Ranch, there isn’t a cedar in site!

Tract 2C includes three 350-pound deer feeders, eight 350-pound quail feeders, one 200-pound quail feeder, two one-ton protein feeders, and one insulated hunting blind.

Accessible on the northeastern corner off of East County Road 550.

Lot/Tract 3: ±181.3089 Acres of Farmland

If you’re searching for productive farm ground, don’t miss out on this chance to own Tract 3!  Situated on the southwestern corner of Indian Springs Ranch, this tract includes roughly 138 acres of fertile land, which has been planted in wheat in the past. 

But don’t think farming is the only thing you can do on Tract 3.  With roughly 1,200 feet of North Canadian River frontage, one 350-pound deer feeder, and a heavy stand of hardwood trees situated on the western bank of the river, this tract is a great place to find deer, quail, and turkeys.  This tract sells without reserve.

Accessible from the north on North County Road 2180 or from the south off of North County Road 2210.



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